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9/15/2018 - 9/16/2018

Puget Sound Premier League Matches

Location: Yakima

The Central Washington Sounders will be playing an nine-game Puget Sound Premier League schedule on September 15-16, at Chesterley Park, North 40th Avenue and River Road, Yakima:

B15U-CWS B04 Navy vs. CSC Impact 04 Black (Renton) - PSPL High School Boys League

B16U-CWS B03 Navy Anabtawi vs Dragons FC B03 (Seattle) - PSPL High School Boys League

B19U-CWS B00 Navy vs. FC Mulhouse Juventus (Portland) - PSPL High School Boys League

B11U-CWS B08 White vs. KVJSA Ellensburg FC B08 (Ellensburg) - PSPL State League

G11U-CWS G08 Navy Lizotte vs. ASE 08 Fox (Pasco) - PSPL State League

G12U-CWS Navy G07 vs. ISC Gunners G07 A (Issaquah) - PSPL State League

B16U-CWS B03 Navy Anabtawi vs. LWPFC White Piranhas B03 (Redmond) - PSPL High School Boys League

For more information, including game time and field, go to: http://psplsoccer.com/_element_display/#/scripts/runisa.dll?M2.65990:gp:383162.3536:73228%20Elements/Display%20E%201531148%20Schedules/%2048196282


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